We understand how tasking it can be to find accommodation when moving to the diaspora. We have listed below websites that you find suitable accommodation.


 Amberstudent strives to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for students seeking accommodation.

Easy Search – Search from a wide-selection of accommodations that fit your preferences.

No negotiation – See rent upfront. No need to negotiate. Save your time and effort.

Hassle-free paperwork – Forget irritating paperwork. Complete your booking seamlessly.


UniAcco’s sole mission is to provide a home that is fully equipped with uber-comfort and top facilities at reasonable prices! It offers:

Price-Match Guarantee – If you find lower prices for your property, we will match the prices.

No Visa, No Pay – If you are unable to obtain a visa, you can cancel your booking at no cost.

Free of Cost Service – Get free access to our services throughout your stay at the property!

No Deposit – Book student accommodation without paying the deposit *applicable to selected properties only.

Pay In Instalments – Ease out your booking charges by paying in instalments, at your convenience

No Uni, No Pay – If you are unable to enrol at your uni, you can cancel your booking for free!

Best Student Halls

Price Match Promise – If you happen to find a lower price anywhere else for the student accommodation you would like to book, we will match it!

No Visa, No Pay – Our policy does not require you to pay until you have your Visa in hand. If you fail to obtain a Visa, you are eligible to cancel your student accommodation booking, without any cost or hassle.

Free of Cost Service – You can use our services throughout your stay for free. Our team of experts are always available to answer any questions you have and help you out in case you need assistance with something, completely free!

No Deposit – Many of our student accommodations can be booked with £0 deposit! Making securing your perfect student room simple and easy.

Pay In Instalments – Many of our student accommodation allow you to pay in instalments, or accept an international guarantor to prevent you from being burdened by paying the whole amount of rent upfront.

No Uni, No Pay – If you do not get the necessary grades to get into your University of choice, you can go ahead and cancel your booking with us without any charges.