It can be very challenging looking for sponsorship jobs on your regular job sites as you have to search extensively through a large pool of other jobs to find these types of jobs.

The Diaspora Townhall streamlines jobs with visa sponsorships, thereby making it easier for people to find skilled jobs with visa sponsorships. It also provides links to relevant immigration information to guide people looking to relocate and also provide tips that can help you settle in when you relocate to the diaspora.

The Diaspora Townhall also offers CV writing and interview preparation tips.

The Diaspora Townhall is also looking at exploring the experiences and perspectives of members of the African diaspora across the world, featuring interviews with prominent figures and everyday people.

It will also feature successful Africans and provides tips and advice for starting and growing a career or business in diaspora. So if you are new in the diaspora, planning on moving or lived in the diaspora for years, welcome onboard.

Please, if you would like to share any part of your experience, got a story to tell or questions to ask. Please send us an email: